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AEPCO Deploys AI Assisted Battery Storage and Solar to Serve SSVEC Members

Arizona Electric Power Cooperative announced the deployment last week of a 30 MWh energy storage system and 10 MW photovoltaic system, the first of three battery storage systems being developed in Arizona as a part of AEPCO’s Reliable Energy Plan. The new system will utilize Stem’s AI software and serve member Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative, Inc.’s members

Arizona Cooperative Saves Bear Caught on Power Pole

A bear was found tangled in power pole wires of Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative. Company linemen immediately disabled the power so the bear would not be electrocuted and freed the animal.

Arizona Coops Help Fund COVID-19 Tests

As Arizona deals with one of the nation’s largest spikes in COVID-19 cases, electric cooperatives, including Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative, are working with public and private agencies to sponsor free coronavirus tests for people in their service areas.