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VEC Provides Savings for Members

Vermont Electric Cooperative (VEC) has saved its members $90,000 in peak capacity market costs since it started operating a utility-scale lithium-ion battery in July. The system allows VEC to discharge 400 MWhs onto the grid when it’s most needed to reduce peak capacity market costs.

Vermont Electric Cooperative Aims to Cut Gas Lawnmowers Short

Vermont Electric Cooperative just added a new bill credit to its VEC Energy Transformation Program. The new initiative will provide customers purchasing electric lawnmowers with either a $50 or $1,000 bill credit for residential and commercial mowers, respectively.

Vermont Electric Cooperative Receives Aid for Storm Damage

The Federal Emergency Management Agency will contribute more than $1.2 million to the Vermont Electric Cooperative to fund system repairs that were necessary as a result of the severe storms in May 2018. Vermont Emergency Management helped Vermont Electric to receive the aid.

VEC Gets $1,700,000 for Storm Damage Repair

Vermont Electric Cooperative, Inc. (VEC) is getting a grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to help repair 54 transformers and nearly 2,900 miles of transmission and line poles damaged by a severe storm and flooding in October of 2017. The money comes from FEMA’s Public Assistance program that reimburses communities and certain non-profit groups to help...

Vermont Coop Working with Major State Industry to Promote Electric Technology

Vermont Electric Cooperative (VEP), a Vermont cooperative with 35,000 members, including 400 maple syrup producers, has partnered with Dominion & Grim, a Canadian company, to promote to sugar makers a new electric evaporator called ECOVAP.  VEP will offer incentives for the sugar makers to switch to ECOVAP and, in turn, VEP will receive carbon credits for the program.

FEMA Grant Will Help Vermont Coop Clean Up

Vermont legislators announced last Friday that the Vermont Electric Cooperative (VEC) will receive a grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).  The $2.1 million grant will cover cleanup and repair costs related to severe weather that occurred last December and caused 45,000 outages in VEC’s service territory.  Click here for more.

Vermont Coop Spends More than $7 Million on Damage from Ice Storm

Vermont Electric Cooperative (VEC) recently spent an unprecedented sum to repair damage caused by recent ice storms.  While the cost is significant for a coop of VEC’s size, the coop’s goal is to find efficiencies and other ways to avoid rate increases.  Another utility in Vermont recently announced a “storm surcharge” to cover its storm-related costs.  Read more here.

Vermont Net Metering Program May Be Overhauled

Vermont lawmakers are striving to raise the existing cap on the state’s net metering program to match the growing demand for residential renewable energy generation.  A bill, approved by the House Natural Resources and Energy Committee last week, offers a fast-track solution ahead of larger changes expected when a federal solar tax credit expires, likely in 2017.  The proposed bill...

New England Coops Recovering from Winter Storms

A Vermont Electric Cooperative representative said that the late December ice storms in the area will lead to its most expensive restoration effort ever, potentially topping $6.5 million in cost.  Other Northeast coops are facing the same challenges; Maine had more than 3,200 customers without power on Christmas Eve.  Progress is being made quickly as coop employees cooperate to make...

Vermont Coop to Build 5-MW Solar Project

The Vermont Electric Cooperative (VEC) is hoping to build the state’s largest utility-owned solar power project as part of a broader effort to help reduce the state’s dependence on fossil fuels.  VEC is working with 14 other coops across the country on the 5-MW project in a first-of-its-kind initiative to make solar energy cost-competitive with other forms of electricity by the end of...

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