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Colorado Cooperative Focuses Technology on Wildfire Risk Mitigation

From drones, to AI satellite technology, to 360-degree fire watch cameras, CORE Electric Cooperative has implemented a wide variety of technology to monitor and mitigate wildfire risk. The coop also utilizes enhanced operation and maintenance programs, including robust system inspections.

South Carolina Electric Cooperatives Partner with Optiwatt to Align Electric Vehicle Charging with Grid Demand

South Carolina Electric Cooperatives, including York Electric Cooperative have initiated a pilot program with Optiwatt, an app that assists electric vehicle owners in managing their charging to reduce costs. The program asks electric vehicle owners to offset charging during peak times and provides the cooperatives with data on the charging habits of its members and how charging effects...

Illinois Coop to Use CAF II Funding for Fixed Wireless Deployment

Illinois Electric Cooperative announced plans to use funding received through the Connect America Fund II (CAF II) auction to deploy fixed wireless in rural Illinois. The CAF II auction awarded funding to cover some of the costs of deploying broadband to unserved areas.

Dairyland Power Cooperative Announces Partnership to Explore Potential Nuclear Power Deployment

Dairyland Power Cooperative has signed a memorandum of understanding to evaluate the potential deployment of NuScale’s nuclear power technology to serve Dairyland’s members across four states. NuScale’s small modular reactor technology is well suited for placement at retiring coal sites, preserving energy jobs and aiding in the clean energy transition.

Rural Electric Cooperatives Are Fastest Growing Group of Broadband Providers

Electric Cooperatives are part of a rapidly growing group of companies working to deliver broadband service to some of the hardest to reach places in the country.

Diverse Power to Expand Broadband Services

Electric cooperative Diverse Power has received $25 million from the federal government to be used to deliver broadband internet service across five counties in Georgia.

MidSouth Electric Cooperative Demos Fault Sensor Designed to Help Prevent Outages and Wildfires

MidSouth Electric Cooperative has been testing experimental distribution fault anticipation sensors that notify operation crews before a fault in a substation occurs. The sensors, developed by Texas A&M University, provide operators the option of shutting down or rerouting the power to prevent damage to a circuit, minimize customer outages, and prevent sparks from a failing...

Minnkota Power Cooperative’s Carbon Capture Plan Approved by North Dakota Regulators

North Dakota’s Industrial Commission has approved Minnkota Power Cooperative’s underground storage plan designed to capture emissions from the cooperative’s Milton R. Young Station coal-fired power plant. The project is designed to inject carbon dioxide from the plant into underground rocks. If Minnkota decides to move forward with the project, construction could finish by...

GE Research, Prolec GE and Cooperative Energy Partner to Install the World’s First Flexible Power Transformer

GE Research and Prolec GE are partnering with Cooperative Energy to install the world’s first flexible power transformer, designed to be a one-size-fits-all solution to transformer outages and to provide energy providers with more opportunities to leverage renewable energy sources. The flexible transformer is a potential solution to help with the country’s aging electricity grid. Due...

FERC Deadlock Leads to Approval of Southeastern Regional Energy Market Platform

The Southeast Energy Exchange Market (SEEM) received clearance from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for their proposed trading platform after a tie vote to approve it. SEEM is a wholesale power market that will facilitate bilateral energy trading at much faster rates than previously available, enabling almost 20 entities across 11 states to deliver an estimated $40 to...

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