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FCC Appoints NRECA’s Matheson to Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman, Ajit Pai, recently appointed National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) CEO, Jim Matheson, to serve on a Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee. The committee will identify new ways to encourage the expansion of broadband to rural communities, as well as aim to improve disaster response and recovery capabilities in the...

Two Coops Receive Funding from FCC for Broadband

Two coops – ECO Services and United Services – will receive more than $20 million each from the Federal Communications Commission to expand broadband in Oklahoma and Missouri.

USDA Accepting Applications for Funding Through ReConnect

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently established a loan and grant-based program to strengthen broadband in rural America. The program, known as the ReConnect Rural Broadband Pilot Program (ReConnect), will make at least $600 million available in rural broadband projects through the first round of...

Tennessee Provides Grant to Electric Coops for Rural Broadband Expansion

Tennessee has granted approximately $15 million in funds to telecom and electric cooperatives for an expansion of rural broadband projects in Tennessee under the Tennessee Broadband Accessibility Act. The grantees have committed to provide approximately $20 million in matching funds for a combined investment of approximately $35...

Indiana Cooperative Receiving $10.5 Million Loan

Southern Indiana Power is receiving a $10.5 million federal loan to build or improve 92 miles of line to enhance system operations for 600 rural consumers. The loan also includes funds for smart grid technologies.

Coop CEO Testifies in Support of Carbon Capture Technology Legislation

Basin Electric Power Cooperative CEO, Paul Sukut, told a Senate panel that he supports efforts to help electric cooperatives develop technology to capture carbon dioxide emissions from coal-fueled power plants and turn them into useful products.

S&P Releases 2019 Outlook for Power Utilities and Electric Cooperatives

An S&P Global Ratings report forecasts that, despite significant technological, regulatory and economic uncertainties in 2019, power utilities and electric cooperatives are likely to maintain their financial strength, on the...

Iowa Coop Installing Batteries in Homes

MiEnergy Cooperative has started installing smart battery storage systems in the homes of its members as a way to test batteries as a tool for energy management. MiEnergy is one of four cooperatives that have commissioned a battery storage system as part of a pilot program sponsored by the National Rural Electric Cooperative...

Ohio Coop Launches Community Solar Program

Firelands Electric Cooperative recently launched a community solar program that will provide residential members with the option to purchase renewable energy produced by the coop’s new 152-panel solar array. There is no equipment for members to install, and all maintenance costs are included in the subscription rate. Energy produced through the program will cost participating members...

Colorado Utility Company Will Install Large Battery Storage Project

Xcel Energy-Colorado, the state’s largest electric utility, will add 275 MW of battery storage by 2022. The move highlights the potential that improved electric storage technology holds for electric utilities across a variety of generation resources.

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