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Mississippi Regulator Imposes New Annual Filing Requirement

The Mississippi Public Service Commission directed electric coops to make an annual filing to provide information on open meetings, board member elections, coop fund management and other matters to keep customers apprised of their respective ownership shares and worth.  The filing is due May 1 of each year beginning in 2015. Click here to read...

Coop Employees See Added Pension Security

President Obama recently signed into law a new measure to ensure that current coop employees under the age of 62 maintain access to the “quasi-retirement” feature of the NRECA Retirement Security Plan.  Absent the new law, these employees would not receive the full distribution earned and for which electric coops have paid. To learn more about this exciting development, please click...

Oklahoma Coop Members Successfully Petition to Elect New Board

Several thousand members of Choctaw Electric Cooperative, based in Hugo, Oklahoma, have signed a petition to recall the board of directors in the wake of an investigation into potential embezzlement by the coop’s former general manager.  To read more please click...

Michigan Coop Merger Talks Appear to Stall

Merger talks between the Alger Delta Cooperative Electric Association (Alger Delta) and Great Lakes Energy Cooperative have been complicated by Alger Delta’s “no sale” policy.  Some members of the board for each coop remain interested in pursuing a merger.  Proponents of a merger argue that it could reduce bills for some members of the combined entity by as much as $24 a month.  Click...

Wyoming Coops Execute Management Services Agreement

Beartooth Electric Cooperative (Beartooth) and Lower Valley Energy (LVE) have entered into a three-year contract for LVE to manage Beartooth in a deal that is expected to create significant savings for Beartooth and its members.  To read more please click here.

Oklahoma Coop Board Faces Overhaul

Shareholders of the Choctaw Electric Coop have signed a petition to remove all nine of the coop’s board members citing, among other things, mismanagement and inconsistent administration of coop policies. Click here to read more.

Two Kansas Coops Establish Strategic Alliance

Kaw Valley Electric Cooperative and Leavenworth-Jefferson Electric Cooperative, both located in northeast Kansas, have established a strategic alliance in order to control costs while ensuring affordable and reliable service. A coop representative said that a consolidation of the coops could deliver cost savings of more than $13 million over 10 years.  Trustees of both coops approved...

City of Socorro Considers Coop Acquisition

The city of Socorro, New Mexico, is analyzing the estimated costs involved in acquiring Socorro Electric Cooperative (Socorro) within the city limits.  At least two-thirds of Socorro members must approve the sale should the deal move forward.  Click here to read the full story.

J.D. Power Survey Shows Coop Members Increasingly Satisfied

With questions focusing on price, reliability and customer service, J.D. Power surveyed more than 104,000 residential members about their experience with their local cooperatives.  Compared to last year, overall satisfaction levels increased.  Members of Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative and Sawnee EMC reported especially favorable levels of satisfaction.  Please click here for...

Texas Coop to Refund Capital Credits

The Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative, which serves members in 13 Texas counties east of San Antonio and south of Austin, will return $3 million in capital credits to its members this month.  Click here for more.

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