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Tri-County Rural Electric Cooperative CEO Urges Congress to Prioritize Broadband in Rural America

As congress weighs programs to include in the new Farm Bill, electric cooperatives have weighed in.  Aaron Young, president and co-CEO of 17,000 member Tri-County Rural Electric Cooperative, recently said that rural broadband which connects every home, business and community with reliable internet service should be a priority in the bill when speaking at a Farm Bill listening session...

Electric Cooperatives Discuss Top Policy Priorities for 2023

The National Rural Electric Cooperative Association held a recent Question and Answer session to outline its 2023 policy goals aimed at helping pass legislation benefiting cooperatives and ensuring the new laws are implemented as intended.

New Climate Law a Game Changer for Electric Cooperatives

The Inflation Reduction Act will unlock billions of dollars’ worth of clean energy tax credits previously inaccessible to community-owned electrical cooperatives, as well as $9.7 billion in grants and loans for such cooperatives to purchase or build new clean energy systems.

Utilities and Cooperatives Laud Inflation Reduction Act

Rural electric cooperatives and other utilities that operate in the Boulder Valley and Northern Colorado are hailing elements of the Inflation Reduction Act, which provides tax incentives and other benefits to encourage conversion to renewable energy. The Inflation Reduction Act, signed into law August 16 by President Joe Biden, includes almost $370 billion to address climate change,...

Kenergy Challenges PSC Ruling

Kenergy Corp., a rural power cooperative, has challenged state Public Service Commission (PSC) findings that it improperly restricted financial benefits to customers who produce solar energy. The dispute between Kenergy and the PSC stems from the cooperative’s “net metering program,” which allows customers who generate renewable energy to essentially sell it back into the power...

Arizona Governor Signs Bill Eliminating Double Assessment on Electric Cooperative Revenues

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signed five bills into law this week, including one that eliminates the double assessment on rural electric cooperatives. Formerly, a cooperative’s gross intrastate revenues were taxed through the generation cooperative, as well as the cooperative member, resulting in customers paying twice the tax to power their homes.

New Senate Bill Includes Direct-Pay Incentives for Electric Cooperatives

A new Senate budget bill includes direct federal payments to electric cooperatives as incentives for developing renewable energy, carbon capture technology, battery storage, nuclear power and other energy innovations.

Kaua’i Island Utility Cooperative Encourages Direct Payments to Promote Renewables

Kaua’i Island Utility Cooperative’s CEO, David Bissell, spoke to the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Subcommittee on Energy and encouraged Congress to support federal incentives for renewable power adoption, including direct payments for not-for-profit electric cooperatives.

CEO of Arkansas Electric Cooperative Testifies to Congress about Importance of Grid Reliability

Buddy Hasten, CEO of Arkansas Electric Cooperative, testified before Congress about the need for federal and state policies that support electric cooperatives in providing reliable and affordable energy to communities.

Permitting Action Plan Fails to Address Electric Infrastructure Needs, NRCEA Says

Electric cooperatives have historically encouraged policymakers to support solutions that modernize the National Environmental Policy Act and help to ameliorate the lack of federal coordination, inconsistent processes, and protracted litigation that threatens electric reliability. NRCEA believes President Biden’s “permitting action plan” fails to deliver the necessary reforms needed to...

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