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National Environmental Policy Act to Streamline Permitting and Environmental Review

Congress recently passed reforms to the National Environmental Policy Act as part of the bipartisan agreement to raise the country’s debt limit. The law, which NRCEA supported, is expected to expedite the permitting process for electric cooperatives, requiring environmental impact statements to be done with two years and less intensive environmental assessments to be completed within...

Dairyland Power Cooperative Seeks Approval for Natural Gas Plant

Dairyland Power Cooperative is seeking approval from Wisconsin Public Service Commission to build a jointly owned natural gas power plant in Superior, Wisconsin. If approved, the 625 MW plant would go online in late 2024.

Florida Coop Receives Approval for New Natural Gas-Fired Plant

Seminole Electric Cooperative (Seminole) has received approval from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to build a gas-fired plant in Putnam County, Florida. Seminole previously received approval from the Florida Public Service Commission.

Seminole Seeks Site Certification for Natural Gas Plant

Seminole Electric Cooperative, Inc. has filed a proposal seeking cite certification to build a 1,050 MW natural gas plant in Putnam County, Florida. The natural gas plant would replace one of two coal-fired plants currently operating at the site.

NRECA Submits Comments to EPA Regarding Air, Waste, and Water Issues

The National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) submitted comments to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regarding opportunities to reduce the regulatory burden from certain regulations under Executive Order 13777, which directs the heads of federal agencies to seek input from entities significantly affected by Federal regulations.  NRECA commented on various (i)...

D.C. Circuit Hears Challenge to Clean Power Plan

Ten D.C. Circuit judges heard argument regarding the EPA’s authority to enact the Clean Power Plan and the rule’s constitutionality.  All active judges on the D.C. Circuit, with the exception of Merrick Garland, heard arguments from state government, power industry groups, the federal government and environmental groups.

Virginia Coop’s Permitting Dispute Drags On

A Pennsylvania environmental appeals board recently denied Old Dominion Electric Cooperative’s motion for summary judgment in a permitting dispute related to a proposed gas-fired plant, citing the importance of a factual question—whether water discharged into a river after being used as coolant for the plant might end up in a local water authority’s intakes.

Arizona Supreme Court Upholds Renewable Designation for Trash Burning Plant

The Arizona Supreme Court upheld the Arizona Corporation Commission’s approval of Mohave Electric Cooperative’s (“Mohave”) plan to meet part of its renewable energy mandate through trash incineration.  Such renewable designation will allow Mohave to impose a surcharge on its 39,000 customers to cover the higher costs of alternatives to conventional energy resources.

Pipeline Seeks Service Territory Exception in State-Assigned Cooperative Territory

Despite being in the service territory for Northern Electric, a member-owned cooperative, Dakota Access, an oil pipeline, is seeking a service territory exception from the state Public Utilities Commission so that NorthWestern Energy can supply the power instead.  The commission has already granted confidentiality to the proposed agreement between Dakota Access and NorthWestern...

Settlement Reached Capping Utah Plant’s Coal Consumption

The Environmental Protection Agency, Deseret Power Electric Cooperative and the Sierra Club and WildEarth Guardians reached a settlement regarding the 500-megawatt Bonanza Power Plant in northeast Utah.  The settlement calls for new pollution controls to be installed while being subjecting the plant to an eventual lifetime limit on the plant’s coal consumption.  Deseret has...

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