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NRECA Challenges Bureau of Land Management’s New Conservation Rule

The National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) filed a lawsuit against the Department of the Interior, challenging the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) new Conservation and Landscape Health Rule, which they claim hinders electric cooperatives’ operations. NRECA, supported by a coalition of 11 other industries, argues that the rule prioritizes conservation over...

Electric Service Providers at Odds over Rightful Provider for Residential Neighborhood in Wisconsin

The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin is reviewing a complaint filed by Xcel Energy earlier this year over the rightful provider for the Deer Hills residential development in Roberts, Wisconsin. Xcel Energy claims that St. Croix Electric Cooperative providing service to Deer Hills is a violation of the 500-foot rule that seeks to avoid duplication of electric facilities. This...


CORE Electric Cooperative has filed a $253 million lawsuit against the Public Service Company of Colorado, a subsidiary of XCEL Energy, over allegations of mismanagement of Comanche Unit 3, the largest coal-fired plant in Colorado.

Georgia Power, Oglethorpe Power Settle Plant Vogtle Cost Overrun Lawsuit

Georgia Power Corporation will pay Oglethorpe Power $413 million to settle a lawsuit brought in 2022 by Oglethorpe Power against Georgia Power, accusing Georgia Power of backing out of financial obligations to pay for cost overruns incurred in connection with the third and fourth reactors at Plant Vogtle. Under the settlement agreement, Oglethorpe will keep its current 30% ownership of...

Winter Storm Elliot Settlement Leaves Complaint by Old Dominion Electric Cooperative Claim and East Kentucky Power Cooperative Rights Outstanding

PJM Interconnection settled disputes with 80 parties over $1.8 billion in Winter Storm Elliot non-performance claims. The settlement leaves the complaint by Old Dominion Electric Cooperative, and the rights to bring a claim by East Kentucky Electric Cooperative unresolved.

Eighth Circuit Confirms Validity of Term Provisions in Wholesale Power Contracts

The US Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit has recently confirmed the validity of term provisions in wholesale power contracts between generation and transmission cooperatives and their member distribution cooperatives.

Beartooth Electric Cooperative Sued for Alleged Tree Trimming Company Negligence

A civil suit has been filed against Beartooth Electric Cooperative in connection with a November 2021 fire that broke out after a tree branch hit a power line in the electric cooperative’s right of way.

Brazos Electric Seeks Creditor Approval for $1.4 Billion Bankruptcy Plan Emerging from 2021 Storm Costs

Brazos Electric Cooperative received the go-ahead from Chief U.S. Bankruptcy Judge David Jones to seek creditor approval for its bankruptcy plan that provides for Brazos to pay $1.4 billion to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) for costs stemming from February 2021 winter storms. During that time period, Brazos incurred a $2.1 billion bill from ERCOT, almost three times...

East River Electric Cooperative Wins Summary Judgment on Wholesale Power Contract Buy-Out Dispute

U.S. District Judge Larry Piersol granted East River Electric Cooperative’s (East River) motion for summary judgment in a suit initiated by Dakota Energy Cooperative (Dakota Energy). Dakota Energy requested that it be able to terminate its wholesale power contract with East River and pay a buy-out fee. Judge Piersol ruled that the contract did not provide for early termination and that...

Rayburn Country Electric Cooperative Is First Texas Utility to Securitize ERCOT Bill From Winter Storm Uri

Rayburn Country Electric Cooperative, Inc. is the first Texas utility to securitize its debt from the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) stemming for 2021 Winter Storm Uri. This option prevents Rayburn from facing potential bankruptcy and preserving its right to sue ERCOT for the extraordinary energy prices last February in the midst of devastating cold temperatures that...

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