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Snapping Shoals EMC installs 20-year energy storage battery system

Snapping Shoals EMC, in collaboration with Stryten Energy Partnership, commemorated the installation of Georgia’s first Vanadium Redox Flow Battery System this week. The system will help store clean energy for 20 years without losing capacity for the cooperatives 100,000+ members.

North Dakota Generation and Transmission Cooperative’s Battery Rate Delivers Member Savings, Technology

In 2020, Basin Electric Power Cooperative (Basin) incorporated a member-owned trial battery rate into its rate schedule to permit its all-requirements contract members to test energy storage technology to reduce peak demand costs. The rate provision allows for up to 150 kilowatts of battery storage per distribution cooperative, and allows the cooperatives to decide when to charge and...

Northeastern REMC Debuts Energy Storage

Northeastern Rural Electric Membership Corporation (Northeastern REMC) has exhibited an energy storage facility which will save customers $35 million over 20 years by purchasing power at night, when rates are lower, to distribute to customers during peak hours.