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Kentucky Coop Eyes More Sustainable Future

In November, East Kentucky Power Cooperative (EKPC) laid out a sustainability plan for its 16 owner-member cooperatives, aiming to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 35% by 2035 and increase energy from renewable sources by 15% by 2035. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, EKPC has kept work and projects on track to meet this goal.

Indiana Coop Developing Solar Installations at Retiring Coal Plant

Hoosier Energy Rural Electric Cooperative Hallador Energy Company are teaming up to develop approximately 200 megawatts of energy from solar and battery storage near the Merom Coal Generation Station, which is expected to retire in May 2023.

Kentucky Coop Solar Project to Power Corvette Factory

Western Rural Electric Cooperative is developing a nearly 145 megawatt solar and storage project that will power a GM Chevy Corvette assembly plant. The project is a part of TVA’s Green Invest Initiative and will assist GM in achieving its goal of going carbon-neutral by 2040.

Colorado Coop Uses Electricity from Methane

Methane from the Elk Creek Mine Plant is being converted to electricity and moved to the regional power grid, where it is used by Holy Cross Electric Cooperative. The electricity comes at a premium, but the coop is willing to pay the higher price to fulfill its clean energy goals.

EKPC Announces First Sustainability Plan

Eastern Kentucky Power Cooperative (EKPC) announced its first sustainability plan on Wednesday. The plan includes targets for increasing use of renewable energy and reducing carbon emissions in the coming decades.