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GE Research, Prolec GE and Cooperative Energy Partner to Install the World’s First Flexible Power Transformer

GE Research and Prolec GE are partnering with Cooperative Energy to install the world’s first flexible power transformer, designed to be a one-size-fits-all solution to transformer outages and to provide energy providers with more opportunities to leverage renewable energy sources. The flexible transformer is a potential solution to help with the country’s aging electricity grid. Due...

Cooperative Energy Power Plant Constructed by Wärtsilä Begins Commercial Operations

Cooperative Energy’s new 22.7 MW flexible gas power plant, constructed by Wärtsilä, began commercial operations last week. The plant will provide system reliability and support Cooperative Energy’s renewable resources.

Cooperative Energy Signs Solar PPA

Cooperative Energy, a Mississippi electric cooperative, has signed a 100 MW solar power purchase agreement (PPA) with Renewable Energy Systems (RES). RES will sell the power from its Delta’s Edge project, a 652-acre solar facility.

Cooperative and Origis Unveil Mississippi Solar Project

Cooperative Energy and Origis Energy celebrated their new joint venture 52 MW solar project near Sumrall in Lamar County, Mississippi, signifying a major commitment to generating renewable energy. The project, MS Solar 3, is built on a 540-acre site, and includes 206,000 polycrystalline solar panels that gather sunlight and transform it to energy that will power up to 11,400...

Cooperative Energy to Build 22.7 MW Smart Power Generation Plant

Cooperative Energy has partnered with the technology group Wärtsilä to construct a 22.7 MW Smart Power Generation plant in Benndale, Mississippi. Commercial operations are expected to commence in 2019.

Solar Panels Installed at Mississippi Solar Facilities

Cooperative Energy and Origis Energy USA announced the first installation of solar panels at a 540-acre solar site in Mississippi. When completed, this facility will encompass approximately 200,000 photovoltaic solar panels.