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Stakeholders Ask President Biden to Prioritize U.S. Steel Production for Electric Grid

The NRECA and eight other national organizations recently wrote to the President requesting the prioritization of domestic steel production in order to help meet the unprecedented demand for electrification, grid modernization and resilience initiatives.

NRECA Chief Executive Officer Questions EPA’s Proposed Greenhouse Gas Rules

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced rules for greenhouse gas emissions this week, with initial requirements beginning in 2030, which could spur the retirement of certain coal-fired and gas-fired generators. The limits vary based on the size of the generator and certain operational characteristics. National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) Chief Executive...

National Rural Electric Cooperative Association Urges Congress to Reduce Broadband Costs through Permitting Reform

National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) senior vice president told the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee that the 200 electric cooperatives which provide broadband to their members face expensive delays in permitting, complicating access to the $42.5 billion in the Broadband Equity, Access and Development Program.

Cooperatives Argue Interim National Environmental Policy Act Greenhouse Gas Guidance Oversteps

The National Rural Electric Cooperative Association and the American Public Power Association filed formal comments arguing that the interim guidance on greenhouse gas emissions is overbroad, fails to provide sufficient regulatory guidance, and because of the role compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act plays in the approval of financing, will delay electric...

Cooperatives Focus on Affordable and Reliable Electricity During Legislative Conference

Leaders attending the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association’s legislative conference will focus on urging Congress and federal agencies to prioritize reliable and affordable electricity for their communities.

Electric Cooperatives Support Passage of Major Energy Legislation

The National Rural Electric Cooperation Association and its members applaud the House passage of major energy legislation which will modernize and expedite the environmental review process under the National Environmental Policy Act for cooperatives.

National Rural Electric Cooperative Association Research Arm Applies for Funding to Assist Small Electric Cooperatives in Smart Grid Efforts

NRECA Research, the research arm of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, has applied for funding from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Plan to assist a consortium of small electric cooperatives in smart grid deployment.

White House Outlines Support at National Rural Electric Cooperatives Association Conference

President Biden spoke on Wednesday at the National Rural Electric Cooperatives Association conference in Nashville. The president announced that the Department of Agriculture will begin accepting applications for funding provided for in the Inflation Reduction Act which earmarked $9.7 billion for cooperatives.

Congress Receives Widespread Call to Pass Electric Permitting Reform

Electric cooperatives across the nation are urging Congress to pass the BUILDER Act, which would streamline the permitting process for electric system modernization by limiting the amount of time for environmental review, encouraging greater cooperative participation, and creating deadlines for post-permitting lawsuits. The cooperatives contend that the current process under the...

NRECA International Helps Bangladesh Modernize a Utility

NRECA International completed at the end of 2022 a 20-month long $2 million efficiency improvement with Bangladeshi utility, the Northern Electric Supply Corp. in Rajshahi. The effort was funded by the Asian Development Bank and will reduce outages for the 1.7 million consumers served by Northern Electric.

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