Sutherland Attorneys Outline 10 Power Grid Cyber Security Strategies

The regulatory landscape for protecting the electric power grid against cyber threats is fraught with uncertainty. But there are strategies that compliance officers and regulatory affairs personnel can implement today to combat cyber threats that may compromise physical electrical infrastructure.  These strategies can help electric utilities, owners and operators of generation and transmission facilities, and industrials with on-site generation develop a Culture of Security, thereby positioning themselves for compliance with any future regulatory requirements while securing their electric infrastructure against the increasing threat of cyber attack.

In a recent article in Managing Power magazine, Sutherland attorneys Daniel E. Frank, Jennifer J. Kubicek and Mark Thibodeaux outline 10 such strategies and the importance of developing a Culture of Security.  This article follows their earlier Managing Power article that outlined the nature of the current cybersecurity threat to the electric power grid, the existing regulatory framework for protecting the grid against cyber threats, and the uncertain future of additional regulatory solutions.  Click here to read more about the 10 strategies.

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