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New Solar Project to Save School District, Cooperative Members Money

Ozarks Electric Cooperative is joining with Today’s Power and Springdale Public Schools in a new solar project which will offset about 95% of the total energy consumed by certain schools and will save cooperative members about $2.3 million over the next 25 years.

Virginia Cooperative Breaks New Ground for EVs

Northern Neck Electric Cooperative, a member of Old Dominion Electric Cooperative, is pioneering a program to give electric vehicle (EV) owners a break when charging up their vehicles — as long as they do so when other members’ power demand is relatively low. It will be the first voluntary, separately metered, off-peak EV charging rate offered by an electric utility in...

Montana Cooperative’s Savings Total $1.7 Million in 2021

Flathead Electric Cooperative’s energy efficiency efforts saved approximately 10,766 megawatt hours of electricity, resulting in payments of $1.7 million in energy efficiency savings to the coop’s members and partners. The coop credits the savings to its new outreach program focused on educating members on energy efficiency.

Indiana Coop’s Focus on Energy Efficiency Pays Off

Wabash Valley Power has seen over 300 million kilowatt-hours in energy savings and $66 million in avoided costs since 2008, when it began investing more in working with its distribution coop members to strengthen energy efficiency programs and strengthen relationships with consumer-members.

North Carolina Electric Cooperative Awarded $6 Million to Aid Members with Energy-Efficiency Upgrades

Roanoke Electric Cooperative (Roanoke) in North Carolina was recently awarded a $6 million loan by a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) program designed to help rural businesses fight climate change, create jobs, and expand access to renewable technologies. Roanoke will use the funds to expand its existing energy-efficiency program and to aid the cooperative’s broadband subsidiary...

Cobb EMC Announces 2030 Clean Energy Goals

Over the last decade, Cobb EMC has been investing in smart, renewable energy technology for its members and is on schedule to attain its clean energy goals by 2030. The installation of rooftop solar panels on campus, the completion of a Solar Flower Garden, the activation of battery storage, and additional utility-scale solar later this year are all keeping Cobb EMC’s sustainability...

Electric Cooperatives Create Electric Vehicle Charging Network

A coalition of 29 electric cooperatives has created an electric vehicle charging network across Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois and Iowa designed to encourage coop consumer-members to drive electric vehicles (EVs). The coalition invested over $100,000 in more than 40 Level 2 and Level 3 chargers provided by ZEF Energy Inc. to form the CHARGE EV network.

Maryland Electric Cooperative Awards $30 Million Energy Efficiency Contract

Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative awarded global consulting and digital services provider ICF with a three-year, $30 million contract to implement its residential and commercial energy portfolios. Services are to include marketing, customer participation, and program management as well as energy efficiency pilot programs in schools.