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Flathead Cooperative plans Solar Project with Whitefish

Flathead Electric Cooperative will begin construction on its third community solar project, developed in partnership with Whitefish City this summer. The cooperative received a grant of near $500,000 from the Department of Agriculture to help fund the project.

Flathead Electric Cooperative Concerned Over Removal of Dams

Officials from Flathead Electric Cooperative, the second largest electricity provider in Montana, warn of an energy crisis if the Biden administration proceeds with plans to remove four dams on the lower Snake River. The co-op contends that this could increase electricity rates, as the dams contribute around 1,004 megawatts each year to the region. The proposal to remove the dams is...

Montana Cooperative Adds Second Unit to Generate Renewable Energy From Landfill Gas

Flathead Electric Cooperative has been operating its landfill gas project for more than a decade, and the project has been so successful and affordable that it is doubling the capacity by adding an additional unit.  The combined capacity of the two units, drawing methane from the same intake system, is expected to provide enough electricity to meet the needs of 3,200 average homes on...

Flathead Electric Cooperative Adds Second Engine to Gas Energy Plant

Flathead Electric Cooperative created Montana’s first methane gas-to-energy project at the county landfill in 2009 through a collaboration with the county. The project has been so successful that the cooperative is adding a second engine to the facility, which will double its output to power about 3,200 homes.

Montana Cooperative’s Savings Total $1.7 Million in 2021

Flathead Electric Cooperative’s energy efficiency efforts saved approximately 10,766 megawatt hours of electricity, resulting in payments of $1.7 million in energy efficiency savings to the coop’s members and partners. The coop credits the savings to its new outreach program focused on educating members on energy efficiency.

Flathead Electric Cooperative Assists in Bird Conservation Efforts

Flathead Electric Cooperative assisted in the installation of an osprey nest adjacent to its Bigfork Dam. The nest will serve to keep the area’s osprey population healthy and strong.