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South Carolina Coop to Add Solar Energy to Resource Portfolio

Central Electric Power Cooperative, a South Carolina electric cooperative, recently announced intention to obtain as much as 363 MW of solar generating capacity through power purchase agreements with independent solar developers. Central Electric Power Cooperative is coordinating with Santee Cooper in a joint request for proposals to procure up to 500 MW of solar generation capacity,...

More Solar to be Built in South Carolina

Santee Cooper is partnering with Central Electric Power Cooperative and other South Carolina coops to build a 3-MW solar farm scheduled to begin construction by the end of 2013.  Renewable energy makes up roughly 1 percent of the state’s generation portfolio, and the new solar project would be the largest in the state.  Click here for more information.

South Carolina Coop Planning Industrial Spec Building

A subsidiary of Pee Dee Electric Cooperative (Pee Dee) is planning to construct a 100,000-square-foot industrial spec building in Pee Dee Touchstone Energy Commerce City.  The industrial park, located in Florence County, South Carolina,  has already attracted several Fortune 500 businesses.  The project will cost an estimated $7.1 million and will be funded by Pee Dee, the county of...

South Carolina Utility Signs Deal with South Carolina Coop

South Carolina’s Santee Cooper has reached an agreement with Central Electric Power Cooperative (CEPC) to provide electricity to 20 independent electric coops for the next 45 years.  CEPC buys power and helps deliver it for 20 smaller electric companies in South Carolina.  CEPC also has deals with Duke Energy Carolinas and South Carolina Electric and Gas.  Click here to read...