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Southeast Energy Exchange Market Unveils New Energy Trading Market

The Southeast Energy Exchange Market (SEEM) opened up operation this week, allowing for first of their kind market transactions in power for the region. SEEM will cover 23 entities in 12 states, with more than 180,000 megawatts, including Associated Electric Cooperative, Seminole Electric Cooperative, Oglethorpe Power Corporation, and North Carolina Electric Membership...

Florida PSC Approves Two Plants to Serve Coop Customers

The Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) has approved the development of two new natural gas plants to serve coop customers. The PSC approved a 1,122 MW plant in Putnam County proposed by Seminole Electric Cooperative, which is scheduled to be in service by December 2022. The PSC also approved a 573 MW power plant in Pasco County proposed by Seminole Electric and Shady Hills Energy...

Seminole Seeks Site Certification for Natural Gas Plant

Seminole Electric Cooperative, Inc. has filed a proposal seeking cite certification to build a 1,050 MW natural gas plant in Putnam County, Florida. The natural gas plant would replace one of two coal-fired plants currently operating at the site.

Two G&T Coops Seek Change in Rail Shipping Regulations

Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation (AECC) and Seminole Electric Cooperative, Inc. have joined other shippers in requesting that the federal Surface Transportation Board change rules related to switching carload freight between carriers.  The proposal, called reciprocal switching, would allow captive shippers, subject to certain conditions, to access a second carrier if their...