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Electric Cooperatives and Produce Company Collaborate to Create New Electric Refrigeration Trucking Units

Surry-Yadkin Electric Membership Corporation, Hollar & Greene Produce and North Carolina’s Electric Cooperatives recently unveiled new electric refrigeration trucking units that will help reduce carbon dioxide emissions and provide a more energy efficient way to transport produce.

North Carolina Coops Use Hog Waste to Power Microgrids

A new project by North Carolina’s Electric Cooperatives is utilizing methane gas from hog waste to generate electricity. Microgrids using the waste have been able to produce enough electricity to power at least 28 homes for several hours.

North Carolina Coop Leader Touts Microgrid Projects at Senate Hearing

Lee Ragsdale, Senior Vice President of Grid Infrastructure and Compliance at North Carolina’s Electric Cooperatives, recently spoke at a Senate hearing on energy innovation and economic growth regarding current initiatives to strengthen the energy grid. Specifically, Ragsdale spoke about using solar farms, demand-response programs, energy storage, and microgrids to strengthen the...